The blogs you will read on my blogging post is about life struggles. Life storms. Life adventures. Life recognition. Life failure. Life success. And we must not forget your victories. You are living a thing call Life and we will walk this journey together as God show me the way in His book called the Bible. I will speak to your situations as God give me  Jewels of Nuggets for me to impart to you.  My hope for this blogging is we all can connect.  When God speaks. I will listen. When I listen. I will write. When I write I hope you are ready to listen and accept what God is speaking to you or what He is showing you through the blogging of words of Hope and Inspiration from “Jewels of Nuggets for the Soul.” I hope you will accept what He is revealing to you about your life circumstances.

Please share your thoughts:

1. If my blog touch on your situation.

2. If my blog answers your questions about the Bible.

3. If you need prayer.

4. If you are sick and need healing.

5.  If you want to receive Jesus Christ into your heart.

6. If you have a testimony about God working a miracle for you, I would like to know.  I hope we can have a relationship of trust, laughter, tears, victories and rejoicing together.

As we read in the Bible  “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death”.  (Revelation 12:11)

Peace Be Unto You, Beloveth

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